Friday, May 9, 2008

we are the champions!

weeeee are the chaaaaaampions! of the (potty training) woooorrrld! (sing this like queen)

the drugging worked! today, i saw the largest . . . umm, never mind. all you need to know is timmy was successful.

he called everyone he could think of to celebrate. we drove directly to the video store to rent blue's big musical movie. we ate happy meals in the family room while watching said musical extravaganza.

and then he peepeed in his undies. and in the time-out chair. no, he did not go to time-out for anything potty related. what kind of monster do you think i am? no, time-out occurred following regular three-year-old time-out inducing behavior. he earned several time-outs throughout the day and each time he peepeed in the time-out chair. i need to think of a strategy for this one.

an excerpt from his bedtime prayer tonight: "dear God, thank you for this wonderful day. thank you for making all the birdies and their beautiful songs. and thank you for my big big poopie today!"

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