Wednesday, May 14, 2008

12 of 12! 12 of 12!

i started this blog so i'd have a place to post my 12-of-12 layouts. a little pressure, you know? not that anybody sees this, but they could.

on the 12th of april, i took my pictures. on the 13th of april, i edited and cropped them. on the rest of the days of april and the first ten days of may, i stared at them and moved them around and just could. not. decide what to do with them. i suffer low scrap-esteem. i don't really know anything about using embellishments, so the few layouts i've completed have been very minimalist, which i like, but i do wish i could embellish, too.

on may 11th, at 11pm, i threw caution to the wind, printed out my minimalist journaling, slapped it all on some cardstock, and viola!

april 08 12-of-12i don't like the look of it. i've never scribbled on a layout before (and incidentally, after i scanned this, i "colored" the date on the last line, too). i won't use this style on anything else, but i did decide i'd do exactly this on may's layout. how freeing!

may 08 12-of-12

what's most important is that i am documenting my everyday life. when my grandchildren wonder what life was like way back in 2008, they'll be able to look at my layouts and know. there isn't much detail in these particular layouts, but completing them does inspire me to go forth and multiply (my scrapbook pages).

like this one. actually, now that i look at it, i think this might be my "sketch" and not the scan of my actual page, but they look pretty much the same.

he cracks himself up

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