Friday, May 2, 2008

storms and diapies

we had an intense storm last night. we've always made sure we let the kids know we love storms and "we'll sleep good tonight, with this thunder!" so far, it's worked well, but last night? last night the thunder and lightening scared timmy.

timmy cried hysterically - you know, that hiccupy, can't-catch-breath type of crying. he said he wanted to hide under blue soft blankie. tim rocking him was not enough. he needed mommy.

we talked about the storm, the thunder, the lightening. i reminded him he's always safe with mommy and daddy. we also talked about what we do when we're scared in the night. we pray, "dear God, please help me feel better and give me wonderful dreams."

today while we ate lunch we talked about it again. timmy said when he's scared - "can i go up in heaven?" swinging wildly between "oh, how cute!" and the oh-so-irrational-fear-no-you-can't-go-up-to-heaven-you-have-to-stay-HERE-with-me! i just ignored that part and continued the rest of the conversation.

despite all my worries, he awoke perfectly healthy and happy. i was a walking zombie, but he was fine.

i actually started this post last night, but got busy with something else and never came back to it. today - TODAY! - is the day all diapies are gone and timmy wears only undies.

he has been so excited, counting the number of diapies left each time i changed him. however, he was significantly less excited. in fact, the neighbors might have heard the shouts of, "no! i don't WANT undies today!" but what can we do? we're all out of diapies, and as we explained, once we're out of diapies, there are no more. no more! then we'll be so proud of timmy because he will be wearing only undies. undies!

. . . we will see how it goes . . .

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