Saturday, May 3, 2008

the japanese have such happy little poopies

potty training is not easy. i can't even remember how it went with andrew and tori, but i know it couldn't have been this hard. timmy got his undies wet first thing this a.m. but stayed clean and dry all day afterward. actually, he did not urinate again until 8:30 tonight - a couple drips. i'm worried he's going to develop a urinary tract infection or become constipated from holding it all day!

tim bought some individually-wrapped sunsweet pitted prunes to encourage poopies. let's see him hold it after those puppies! i was disappointed to learn they are just as sticky as the regular canister of prunes. might be a problem for timmy, who doesn't like to touch sticky, messy things.

the good news? we watched many entertaining potty videos on youtube. one in particular was quite fun, in a disturbing way. oh, those japanese. gotta love 'em.

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