Monday, May 5, 2008

pray for me in my hour of need

will i survive potty training? it remains to be seen. not even nine o'clock in the morning and we've already gone through three - no, wait, four - pairs of undies. help me, Lord! no, i mean it - help me!

maybe it's not the potty training. not the endless laundry loads. maybe it's not even timmy constantly resisting and running from me and having the general bad attitude of a three-year-old engaged in a battle (to the death? oh, God, i hope not) of the wills. maybe it's the bloating, headaches and cramps.

why? o! woe is me! who invented this whole peri-menopause thing, anyway?!

ah, but there's good news on the horizon. i may soon be the proud owner of a new camera. right now, i have a canon digital elph and a jvc/victor gx5 video camera that takes good still shots. i occasionally use my brother's camera - a high-end point-and-shoot. and i've been happy with my little canon for almost six years now.

but. now i'm not. now i have been reading everything about photography i can get my hands on. and i want a digital slr. there are some obstacles. yes, some fairly tough obstacles. one being money. or lack thereof. cops make no fweet coin, you know. but i discussed a plan with tim to save up. i want a nikon d40. it's a "starter" dslr, i know, but it's what i can afford (or, rather, what i can achieve in savings). (i should note that tim automatically suggests credit card usage, but the idea of interest chafes.)

my friend sharon and i will take a photography class together. oh, the pictures i will take. thousands of pictures of small boys in peepee-undies, no doubt.

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