Monday, March 29, 2010

hello, old friend!

ah, my blog. just like all my journals of the past, i began neglecting you, letting you die a slow and lonely death only to come running back when i need you again. i'm sorry. i am a fickle friend. forgive me?

i am starting (just one week behind everyone else in the group) a new study: becoming the woman God wants me to be, a 90-day guide to living the proverbs 31 life. right off the bat, i'm stuck. at the end of day 1 (day ONE!) is an exercise. four questions to answer and at the end, viola! my own personal vision statement. simple, no?

no. question one - two of my unique personal qualities. i'm on it! empathy and creativity.

question two - one or two ways i enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others (e.g., through supporting, inspiring). umm . . . uh . . . wellllll . . . i don't actually do any much interacting with others. take creativity. i like making stuff. i like making stuff with timmy. i go to the occasional crop, but i never actually get anything done - a crop is just an opportunity for me to talk with real live adult women and go peepee all. by. myself.

question three - describe the perfect world-what are people doing, how are they interacting, what does it feel like (e.g., everyone is freely expressing his or her talents in harmonious and loving ways). huh. since i don't do a lot of interacting outside my home, the only thing that example makes me think of is tim actually putting his dishes into the dishwasher and timmy responding sweetly and obediently to my every request of him.

vision statement fail!