Monday, March 16, 2009

march 12-of-12

i'm a little late on this one. and i'm posting an image of my psd file instead of a scan of the actual page b/c i don't have an actual page yet. good ol' timmy borrowed my card reader and can't remember where he might have left it. but i'll replace this with the real one soon, i hope.

it was really a great day, despite being so stinkin' cold we had no outside time. and that is really hard on timmy. it appears michael is growing up to be an outside guy, too.

there's a large part of the day unrepresented by pictures, as usual, b/c i was busy making st. patrick's day t-shirts for the kids. this single-minded craftiness resulted in the abandonment of my camera . . . and maybe my mind. just a little bit. hence, the mcdonald's dinner again.

i hope by april 12th i'll be able to report a lot more organization going on here!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my four year old child has an alias?

we ate dinner at pizza hut last night, along with a large gathering of biker folk. tim knew several of the bikers. not from arresting them or anything; just knew them from around, you know?

timmy was getting restless and wiggling around, acting up a bit, so tim pointed to one biker and asked, "do you want me to have that guy over there come and give you a talking to?" i gave him the most evil dirty look, so he changed it up a bit and asked, "would you like me to introduce you to that gentleman over there? mr. presnall?"

well, timmy is no fool. he got very still and answered, "i will tell him my name is shep o'brien."

am i bewildered that my just-turned-four child has already developed an alias, or am i proud of his sweet mad self-preservation skillz?