Saturday, May 17, 2008

the pizza sauce of perfection

my younger brother lonnie and i experimented in the kitchen when we were kids, from ages maybe 8 to 13 or 14? none of my other brothers ever did get into cooking or baking, as far as i recall, but lonnie and i - we were masters.

we would obsess over one particular item and make it over and over again. sometimes because it was delicious and sometimes because we were trying to perfect it. once it was pizza. we lamented that pizza sauce always tasted like spaghetti sauce. it should be different, we agreed, and we determined to fix it. we made a lot of pizzas over i don't know how long, each time tinkering with the spices and tomato sauce and tomato paste ratios. finally, eureka! the perfect pizza sauce recipe.

that pizza sauce lives on even today in my memory, but in my memory only. we made many delectable and highly-coveted-by-our-other-brothers pizzas with it, but eventually another recipe enticed us. and then another. and we slowly forgot all about our precious pizza sauce. we never did write down the recipe. i remember a couple years later when we got the taste for pizza again, we could not duplicate our earlier success. ever again, in fact.

i now make a pretty mean pizza. the best crust ev-ah, if i do say so myself. (and i do. i really do!) lots of sliced onions, mushrooms, black olives, green and red peppers, zucchini and yellow squash. sometimes italian sausage, since tim prefers a meaty pizza. my sauce is good, but it is just not the same.

maybe i'll call him up and challenge him to recreate our signature sauce. his low-carb diet be danged! family memories are at stake!

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