Saturday, May 24, 2008

all alone

such a tough week. exhaustion. 3yo attitude galore. 5mo pleas (shouts, demands) for constant attention. so trying i can't even form complete sentences.

but this morning my husband is off. a rare event. rare. ready for an argument last night, i told him i was sleeping in today. (sleeping in? what is this thing? never happens, unless timmy happens to sleep until 7:00.) like i said, i was ready to thrown down, but tim just agreed.

i woke up once in the night to comfort timmy during the lightening and thunder (i told him if he watches, he'll see the lightening looks like a flashlight and if he listens, he'll hear the thunder sounds like a drum. he wanted to know from what song, so i told him it sounded like george strait to me. that worked! thank you, God!) and not again until 7:30. i felt i should get up, but in the next instant, it was 9:24. nine twenty-four!

i only woke up then because tim came in to get something out of his drawer. they'd been out eating breakfast and flirting with the waitresses at double d's and were now on their way to sportsman's warehouse. (sportsman's warehouse = hours!)

now, it's been over an hour and i feel so lonely and purposeless. i made a banana split dessert (recipe to follow) and now i'm listening to "rebel yell" on my playlist while blogging. no, i'm not folding laundry or mopping the kitchen floor. yes, i should be. maybe i will. yes. i will. dang it. and then i'll enjoy just a teeny-tiny piece of the banana split dessert.

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