Sunday, June 1, 2008


i miss my mother-in-law rosie. she's been gone seven years now. seven years!

in her later years, she mostly stayed home, but she had a steady stream of visitors even then. she was sensitive and caring. always eager to share in someone else's sorrow or celebrate their success.

tim tells stories of her from when he was a kid. she took her four boys and the other neighborhood kids fishing. she let her boys drive on country roads. she taught them to crochet. (rosie was the state fair champion in crochet for 20 years or so. beautiful baby clothes, bedspreads, pillows. she even did a huge rendition of the lord's supper in filet crochet!)

all rosie's grandchildren loved her and she loved them like crazy. she didn't buy them things or take them to exotic places. no, she developed real relationships with each of them. she had a way of listening - really listening - so they opened their hearts and shared their hopes and fears with her. she was the only stability in the lives of a few of them during some hard times. she made a lasting impression on each one.

sometimes i feel cheated that timmy never got to meet her. i know she would have absolutely fallen in love with him. her baby's baby. i can only imagine the special relationship they would have had. tim and i occasionally discuss what it would have been like. we imagine rosie would have spent weeks at a time with us (2 1/2 hours from her home). we imagine timmy learning to crochet and having long conversations about his little world.

we will see her again in heaven, i know. until then, we will tell timmy stories and show him pictures of his grandma rosie. we will remember her for him and for us.

we love you, rosie!

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