Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happyccino is my only friend

i sometimes suffer insomnia. for weeks, out of the blue, i wake up many times during the night. so annoying! and i'm a little sleepy the next day, but nothing too traumatic.

but those other times. ah, jeez. i have trouble falling asleep until the wee hours of the night. i watch tv for a while, i read for a while. then i give up and lie there in the dark trying to bore myself to sleep.

and hey - if it happened only once in a while, i wouldn't complain. well, ok, maybe just a little. but i wouldn't need my friend, my love, the english toffee cappuccino tim brings me when he comes home from work in the morning following my night of sleeplessness. my happyccino.

i try to stay away from caffeine normally. but, oh, the sweet nectar of wakefulness. when i need you, you're there for me with no questions. steaming away my sluggishness. fortifying my foggy mind with your frothy faithfulness. calming me with creamy caffeination. and surely my trembling appendages are your way of ensuring my body burns off the extra calories you provide? oh, how i love thee.

plus, isn't that cup fabulous? i am inspired by the color combination and the gentle waves and that bold font on the horizontal strip. i'm not kidding. i'm going to translate this cup into a scrapbook page. maybe about happyccino.


Awake said...

Blogger just ate my comment (don't you hate that?) - so if it publishes twice, sorry. Anywho..

I long for those days where, if feeling the need for a little pick me up, I could grab the nearest and yummiest (and biggest) latte. But, alas, this bun in the oven would be bouncing off the walls if I didn't stop that habit. But I can't wait to start it up again. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Oh, and those pictures of your son in the linen closet - priceless!

Christine said...

I didn't mean to leave you hanging, my favorite book for herbs is Better Homes and Gardens one- Herbs, Publ. 2002. It has the greatest pictures, and even some great uses. I'm such a visual person, and they have great pictures.

merideth said...

awake, caffeine is not good for babies! i completely gave it up when preggers w/ our 3yo (and w/ our 21yo and again w/ our 20yo) and haven't gotten really back into it...except for those mornings-after (insomnia). glad your little baby isn't hopped up on lattes! :) and you're welcome. i'm enjoying your blog, although i'm not sure what a cutlet is?

christine, thanks for the recommendation. i need pictures, too! and i'm sure my library will have that one. tomorrow morning right after story hour, i'm finding it!

moon said...

i love caffeine.
can't wait to see your creation