Friday, June 6, 2008

the conversational stylings of the 3-year-old

i'm mildly upset that i keep forgetting to write some of the funny things timmy says into my journal. and then i forget altogether. yet every time, i think this time i will remember. and i don't.

yesterday was a veritable treasure trove of humorous toddler talk.

1. timmy's "sleepie-time undies" (pull-ups) were moist when i retrieved him from his bed after nappie. he oh-so-patiently-and-tolerantly explained, "that's ok, mommy. sometimes these things happen when we nap." (kids always, always mimic their parents' speech. i like it when he mimics my patient moments much better than when he mimics me heaving a big sigh.)

i launched into my usual "timmy, when you feel peepees coming, what do you do?" which should have been enthusiastically answered with, "i say, 'peepees are coming!' and then i put them in the potty seat!'" but instead i hear, "i say, 'God? please change my undies. aaayyy-men.'"

2. our electricity was out for hours and hours yesterday. inexplicably, before the bad weather hit! we were set to make pizzas for supper, but the dough just kept a-risin' and a-risin' and no electricity with which to heat the oven. we hungered. oh, how we hungered.

timmy pathetically whimpered, "i'm sick. i don't feel well. i have a tummy-egg." not sure i heard right, i asked, "what, my honey? are you starving?" to which he replied, "yes. i am starving so i have a tummy-egg." i love it! so, off to burger king we went.

3. vicki went with us to burger king. burger king is just outside walmart's parking lot. i'd taken timmy and ethan to walmart that morning, where we spotted a container of donut holes. timmy had no idea what they were, of course, but ethan knew! i thought why not. i bought some and we ate them at snacktime.

all this is background to say - as we waited in the burger king drive-thru lane, seeing wal mart reminded timmy of the morning's snack and he told aunt vicki, "we ate donut heads for snackie this morning! i love donut heads!"

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