Sunday, April 13, 2008

my first 12-of-12

seems like such a simple concept. take twelve pictures of your everyday life on the 12th of each month and then scrap them. cathy zielske's first try was what caught my attention, causing me to check out susan keuter's 12-of-12 blog and sign up for her email reminders.

talked my friend susan into it, and maybe her sister sharon, too. they, of course, had an exciting april 12th. they went to a quilt show or auction (something creative and exciting)

i didn't leave the house all day. timmy was feverish and woke up several times in the night, so like any good . . . uh, tired . . . mom would do for her baby, i snuggled in mommy's bed for a while watching my friends tigger & pooh.

he finally got hungry, though, so i made oatmeal. then, since i was up anyway, i decided to load and start the dishwasher, vacuum the living room and do some laundry. oh, and the laundry remains undone. but i did make some no-bake cookies. that's just as good, right? no, really - wouldn't you rather have no-bake cookies than clean socks? no . . . me neither.

aaaaaaaaaaanyway, my first 12-of-12 day turned out extrmely boring. but at least i put in an attempt. i even chose which twelve pics i'd use and "sketched" a layout in pse. sent it to susan and sharon (& susan keuter), too. with march 12th 2008 on it. yeah. march. when i finally get around to actually scrapping it, though, i'll use the correct month just to make it interesting.

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