Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i don't want to wear undies. ever.

oy vey! when will this kid be potty trained? the experts say, "don't worry. your child will not be walking down the aisle in diapers." yeah. those are some uplifting words of encouragement. i get chills.

today, timmy and i had lunch with susan at our favorite place, taco rio. we're chatting away when timmy gets a funny look on his face & says, "oooooo-uh" and grabs his hiney with both hands. i ask, "do you have some poopies?" he replies, "noooooooooo. i have no poopies. no poopies are coming. susan, why do you have two rings on your hand?" this guy can change the topic like nobody's business. (big sigh)

i love this little person more than i love my next breath. really, i do. having said that, he has been such a hiney-head the past few weeks.

he. challenges. everything.

lips pursed, left eyebrow raised. just standing his ground. asserting his will. reveling in his little baby-guy independence.

i avoid the battle whenever possible, but i cannot back down when directly confronted. sure, it would be easier for us now to just ignore his defiance, but we're not in this parenting thing for the ease. we're trying to raise a responsible, respectful, productive adult.

it worked the first two times. andrew and tori are both great adults. this third child, though. i'm sure it's no different than it was almost twenty years ago (who can remember that long ago?), but some days i think we may be wearing a shiny spot on the ol' time-out chair.

and then there are times like last night. we were rocking at bedtime and i was singing, by timmy's request, amarillo by morning along with his beloved george strait greatest hits cd. the end of one of those endless days. if i recall correctly, we suffered two time-outs between the tub and the jammies. timmy rested his head on my shoulder and his little hand patted my arm and he said, "that's some lovely singing there, mommy. good job." oh, man, i love this kid.

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