Sunday, April 20, 2008

i love fresh flowers

i received a flower from timmy for the first time ever. daddy and he shopped (unsuccessfully) for a new motorcycle battery while i cleaned the kitchen. when they returned, timmy brought me a beautiful yellow . . . dandelion. from our yard.

whenever they've been gone, timmy always runs into the house all excited to tell me what they did, to whom they talked (and to whom he gave a wink) and show me the chewing gum daddy gave him.

so, as usual, i met them at the door when timmy rang the bell and he held up his little fist clutching the dandelion and said, "here, mommy. i have a lovely yellow flower for you. you can smell it!" i did. surprisingly, dandelions do smell nice.

they do not, however, last long as a cut (or torn) flower. an hour later, it was completely brown and shriveled. fortunately, there were puh-lenty more in the yard for timmy to pick.

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