Thursday, July 15, 2010

why do i even HAVE a blog?

why? why do i have a blog? i mean, it's not like i blog about my incredibly important life. most of the time, i don't even think about my blog. so . . . why?

well, i originally fully intended to blog as a sort of online journal. you know. record the activities of my life, the details of timmy's growing up, etc. but, just like every other journal i have ever attempted to keep, this one died a slow, painful death due to neglect. it's a darn good thing i'm a better mother than a "journaler," i tell ya. (although, facebook . . . yeah, i have done very well texting the funny things timmy says to facebook. so, at least i will have a record of those too easily forgotten utterances.)

betting against myself here, but i am going to start blogging again. it's important! well, not blogging specifically, but journal-keeping. it is. everyone knows that. and it's easier to post pictures here than into a paper journal, so here i go again.

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