Thursday, July 22, 2010

bookshelf for baby connor

this is not intended to be a blog about furniture building, but . . .

a new baby nephew, connor michael, will arrive in a couple weeks, so i decided to make a bookcase for him for his baby shower. of course, i perused knock off wood and found this plan.

i forgot to take any pictures, so stacy was kind enough to take one and email it to me.

just a couple problems. since it was sooo hot and i was sooo tired, i decided to avail myself of my lumber store's services and have them cut the wood for me. big mistake. the kid who did the cuts was cute and happy to help (and didn't charge me), but . . . not so accurate. i had to trim a couple pieces and the entire bookshelf is a quarter inch shorter than the plans specified, but so what? it's square, it's sturdy - it's good!

connor's nursery is decorated in greens, blues and browns, in a jungle theme. fortunately, i had this green paint (less yellow than in the picture) left over from my (as yet unfinished) craft room. unfortunately, the humidity was sooo high that week - the paint did not fully dry prior to the baby shower. and it rained that day. the day of the shower. the day i had to haul the bookshelf in my brother's pickup bed (hubs was gone in his truck). so, it needs a few touch ups.

i can't wait to see it all loaded up with bins or baby supplies. when connor arrives and i visit, i 'll be sure to make room among the thousands of photos i'll take of him for one or two of his nursery and this bookshelf.

next on my list of things to build is the headboard for timmy's bed. the base and the cubby hutch. not the side towers, because c'mon! did you notice (from the picture in the last post) how tiny his room is?

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