Monday, April 20, 2009

my hanging baskets

last year, i grew upside-down tomatoes in hanging baskets on my front porch. early girls and tumbling toms. they produced very few tomatoes, but those grown were absolutely yumster. i'm doing it again this year. i'm also growing herbs in the tops like last year.

droopy little tomatoes; gorgeous parsley

i'm making some changes this year, though. different tomatoes, and in different quantities.

in one basket, i've planted two (count 'em; two!) celebrities upside-down. the celebrity basket has italian parsley and cilantro. in another basket, i've got three sugar snack tomatoes (they're grape-sized) with basil and some chives that came back from last year in the top. in the third basket, two sun brite tomatoes with rosemary up top.


i hope this year's tomato harvest far surpasses last year's. if not, i'll try different tomatoes next year. even if i never get a good tomato harvest, the herbs grow so well and are so pretty that i'm sure i'll continue every year.

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