Monday, December 15, 2008

December Twelve-of-Twelve

i'm not doing well this fall/winter with the whole blogging thing, or with the whole twelve-of-twelve thing, either! i anxiously awaited december 12th, only to have my memory erased at 11:59pm on the 11th and not think of it again until yesterday. what's up with that?! so, instead of the usual, present my december 12-of-12:


Susan... said...

good work my dear - no one will ever notice. Oh WAIT - you confessed right there!!! It's all good - you got it done and it's BEAUTIFUL!!!

I applaud you - sometimes the stuff we do to make up for an oversight is better than we thought! WOO HOO!!

good stuff, good pictures, good month!!!


BethieJ said...

Meredith~ THANK YOU for stopping by my blog and your sweet comments! I LOVE the way you do your 12 on the 12ths! and hee hee to the typo! I like in Oct. how you added drawings! I may do that in Jan.. just to have some more art of the kids! :)
Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

O said...

Great idea - love it! When life gives you lemons...right? ;) Hope you & yours have a wonderful Christmas. I still need to put my 12 of 12 together! Eeek :)

moon said...

now you'll get tons of scrapping done now that dexter is done.
still haven't watch the final episode.
i'm a chicken.