Friday, November 14, 2008

november's 12-of-12

several days late in posting my 12-of-12, but when you take into account how long it's been sincei posted at all, it doesn't seem so bad, now does it?

something so funny to me: i printed out my text to review for typos and found none. then, after i'd printed it onto the cardstock (no going back), i re-read the first sentence: "Once again, I did not beat Timmy up." lol!

what i meant to say was that i failed to wake up before timmy. but i suppose the other possible meaning is also true. i did not assault my little guy, either. once again. :)


O said...

Hi! Great 12 of 12...again! Lots of great pictures. I like that the pic on the blog is clickable to a bigger one to see/read it better. I'm glad to see you've got your SIH binder all done. I'll be finishing mine up this weekend. Thanks for the comment @ my blog :) I'll be getting my 12 layout done today so check back. As for my coffee today, I'm sipping coffee w/peppermint mocha creamer (the pumpkin spice is good though too)~

Chris said...

Great 12 of 12 - I finally got mine uploaded today - I got everything done on the 12th & totally spaced posting it. I see you are taking the Jessica Sprague class and the BPS Design your life -- me too.
my blog is

Lisa said...

Hi! Lisa from Germany here. Got my 12 on 12s done too! October and November. This is really fast for me, but I am so impressed that you get yours done so quickly! Lovely piccies and I really admire your simple design - I seem to make everything too difficult! now if I could just find time to even think about SIH... TFS ;-)

O said...

Hi Meredith :) thanks for your sweet comments about my Nov 12's and my (silly) self-portrait! As far as scraplifting, GO FOR IT! :)I wanted to let you know that I put a link on my blog, under the Nov 12's LO, to Danielle Corbitt's blog (designer of the digiscrap kit I used). Re: SIH, that's so sweet of you to make a binder for your DIL! My binder is almost done :\ and like you...I haven't written any stories yet. So, I stories in hand. ;) lol I've read a little bit of the message board at Jessica's site and other people have the same thing going on. I think the big thing is no matter where we are in the process of the binder or the storytelling, we at least now have the tools or prompts to help us better tell the stories. I love that Jessica has made it all totally "work at your own speed". No need to feel like you're being left behind. I've been logging in each day and reading the steps/lessons. I'm grateful she has offered her wisdom and creativity about all this as a gift to us :) Have a great weekend & I hope you get moments to enjoy a cup or 2 of your favorite coffee/creamer!!

Orion said...

Wooow I love love love your style and waht you do ! Congratulations.
Thanks for coming on my blog and leaving a message in French lol. Really appreciated the effort.
See you very soon.