Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January's 12-of-12

after all my planning and scheming to scraplift other people's 12-of-12 layouts, i ended up using the same ol' format. and i think i'll just stick with it. it's so easy, and getting the day documented is the point, so . . . we had a busy day yesterday! it was really hard for me to narrow the photos down to just twelve.

after putting this thing together this morning, i've learned two things. first, i have learned i am not above begging. i plan to call stan and beg him to get my laptop in sooner. i'll pay more; whatever. the second thing i learned is that i should not have been putting off taking the old desktop in for service. it is s-l-o-w. and i can't work like i'm accustomed, with fifteen different applications all going at the same time. uh, no way. one thing at a time, and so slow i had time to change laundry loads while each picture was opening.


Kim said...

Hi! Thank you for your comments today!

I have never done a 12-of-12 layout before. I'm planning to do a grid of photos at the top just like yours. It looks great!

anymommy said...

I love these. One of these days you're going to inspire me to start making pages again.

Lisa said...

hey there! Thanks for your comments about my start of the year questions! I like your idea of incorporating them into an album. Might have to consider that myself! (and I added a link now to last year's - I dont think all that much has changed for me to be honest!)
Anyway, yet again, you put me to shame as I have not completed my 12 of 12 for December OR January yet and there you are posting on the 13th with a ready completed layout.
I really like your design and you are right . the main thing is to get it done (unlike me!) so go you!
Well done and TFS.

Orion said...

Hello you !
Love this layout, very "Clean and Simple". Just what I love :)


O said...

Hi :) checkin' in to see your 12 of 12 and it looks great! You know, simplicity is beautiful too and if the grid works for you then run with it. :) And, it's all about just getting it done so do what's right for you. :) Oh, that new bank teller...so, did the boys get the suckers? :) Have a nice weekend! ...one more thing... about the music player on the blog: is that free? how do you get the music for it? And, one more thing - promise ;) - do you know if David Cook's songs he performed on AI are available on cd or are they just downloads? thanks :)

O said...

Hi again! Thanks for the info about the music player and the AI Gives Back cd. Didn't think of that. doh! ;) I hope you don't mind but I posted what you wrote about trying new things in life. It was so good and I liked your different perspective on the subject. :)

Kimmy said...

your little boys are adorable. my son like to leave the house in a batman cape so I can relate. :)